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Lightning 100 Nashville Sunday Night
BOWEN * YOUNG with Jess Nolan
Sun July 7, 2024 7:00 pm (Doors: 5:30 pm )
3rd and Lindsley
All Ages
$20.00 - $120.00
BOWEN * YOUNG, the Nashville-based musical duo comprising of Clare Bowen and Brandon Robert Young, have embarked on an enchanting journey that seamlessly weaves the fates of two extraordinary souls. Clare, a radiant star from rural Australia known for her role as Scarlett on the hit TV series “Nashville,” and Brandon, a melody-spinner from Connecticut, found their destinies entwined in the heart of Nashville. Their musical odyssey began in 2013 when Brandon, a last-minute replacement, shared the stage with Clare at Nashville's Bridgestone Arena. The unique chemistry discovered that night marked the inception of a musical partnership destined for prominence. Two years later, love took center stage at Ryman Auditorium, where Brandon proposed, and in 2017, John Carter Cash officiated their union at the Cash Cabin. Their collaborative journey, guided by acclaimed Americana songwriter/producer Sean McConnell, resulted in the creation of 'Us,' a 10-track masterpiece capturing the raw essence of their emotions. From facing adversity with the haunting single 'Dangerous Love' to the global resonance of their ethereal songs, BOWEN * YOUNG's symphony of life and art resonates with boundless passion, culminating in the highly anticipated debut album set for a global release on May 3rd, via Snakefarm/PIAS