Lightning 100 Presents
SOLD OUT: THE STEEL WOODS w/ Faren Rachels and Aaron Raitiere
Sat February 24, 2018 8:00 pm (Doors: 6:00 pm )
3rd and Lindsley
All Ages

“The stories told in all these songs / Don't sound the same to everyone / Some you hear, and some you see / And all that means is whatever it means to me / Not all are real, but all are true / Cause all that means is whatever they mean to you”“Whatever It Means To You”Like  their  name,  The  Steel  Woods  are  a  hybrid  musical  force,  part  hard-edged,  part Americana  roots  country  folk,  man-made,  yet  organic,  rock  but  also  bluegrass,  R&B, blues, gospel, soul and heavy metal, “the materials which America is built on” according to  co-founder  Wes  Bayliss.  The  Nashville-based  band  is  also  steeped  in  the  ethos  of Southern rock, with the music on its debut Woods Music/Thirty Tigers release, Straw in the Wind, both timeless and indefinable, sounding like it could’ve been recorded at any point during the past half-century. “That’s kinda the idea,” nods Bayliss.

The  Steel  Woods  trace  an  unbroken  line  from  Jimmie  Rodgers  and  Hank  Williams through  Willie  and  Waylon,  then  the  Allmans,  Blackfoot,  The  Band  and  Tom  Petty  up through contemporaries like Kings of Leon and the Avett Brothers. 

“We want to get good songs out to a bunch of people who need them,” adds Wes. “We just  want to  make a living  making  music  because  it’s  the greatest  job  in  the  world. I don’t mind working, but I preferloving what I do.”

Visit: http://thesteelwoods.com