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Josh Weathers with Trever Keith
Wed July 17, 2024 7:30 pm (Doors: 6:00 pm )
3rd and Lindsley
All Ages
$25.00 - $120.00
Josh Weathers is a Fort Worth based soulful singer songwriter. He has spent the last 15 years honing his craft of combining songs of hope with a high energy rock n’ soul live show. Since a video of him singing “I Will Always Love You” the classic Dolly Parton hit went viral a few years ago, it has expanded Josh’s reach to a national and global level. Many people have compared him to the likes of John Mellencamp, Springsteen or even Stevie Wonder, but his die hard fan base has found something incredibly unique about his ability to connect with an audience. In late 2015 Josh and his wife Kady founded a non profit organization called Love Like You Mean It Intl. after a life changing trip to India. Since the foundation began Josh has chosen to use his platform to bring awareness to their efforts overseas. If you ever have the chance to witness a live performance… do it. You’ll be a part of something special. 


Celebrated songwriter Trever Keith, frontman of So Cal punk stalwarts face to face,  is excited to present his heartfelt cover of “What Keeps Me Up Now.” The original  song, written by Benjamin Tod and released by Lost Dog Street Band on their album  “Glory” in 2022, is a genuine examination of self-doubt and vulnerability that Keith  identified with upon first listen. "When I first heard the song, I was immediately drawn  in by the lyrics,” Keith said. “They are self-critical and introspective, much the same  way I write my own. I love how the tone of the song is both haunting and yearning at  the same time” After performing the song live at solo acoustic sets around the US,  Europe, and even in South America, at the beginning of 2023 Keith decided to record a  version at his Nashville home studio. After releasing a cover of John Prine’s “Pretty  Good” in 2022, this is his third single as a solo artist in as many years.  

30 years at the helm of one of punk rock’s most influential and enduring punk rock  bands. 30 years of touring the globe from the Roxy to Red Rocks, Austin to Australia. 30  years of writing songs to writing books to riding busses. 30 years of face to face.  

After three decades, Trever Keith still has plenty to say. It’s still as powerful as ever,  it’s just quieter. In 2021, Keith moved back to Nashville, TN and did something he rarely  does: he stayed home, he wrote songs alone on an acoustic guitar, and he found new  ideas and new inspirations. “When I first heard Zach Bryan, I was immediately drawn  to his storytelling; the honesty and rebellion in those songs draw from the same  creative well that punk rock does. Covering ‘Heading South’ (which Keith released late  2021 under his own name) felt as natural to me as covering a Descendents song,” says  Keith.