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Lightning 100 Nashville Sunday Night
Red Clay Strays with Stone Senate
Sun July 24, 2022 8:00 pm (Doors: 6:00 pm )
3rd and Lindsley
All Ages
With a sound as classic as the crackling of a Sun Records vinyl still spinning somewhere in Memphis, yetas fresh as the musical stylings of the 21stcentury,The Red Clay Strays are busy making waves with theirspellbinding and genre-bending brand of tunes. Reminiscent of the vibrant heyday of southern music,the band finds their origins in the styles of classic country, rockabilly, and gospel-fed soul all the whileushering in a new era of rock-and-roll that is as distinctive as the men who form it. Born and bred in thered dirt clay of south Alabama,Brandon Coleman(lead vocals/guitar), Drew Nix(vocals/electricguitar/harmonica), Zach Rishel(electric guitar),Andrew Bishop(bass)and John Hall(drums), blendedtheir unique individualitiesand influencestogether to create a band with a rare sincerity that isn’t oftenseen in today’s industry. After spending the past five yearscutting their teeth in the GulfCoast musicscene while simultaneouslyrunning the roads discovering who they are and where they belong in theworld,The Red Clay Strays are prepared to take the world by storm as they reveal theirMoment of Truthin the spring of 2022.So...How ‘BoutYouComeOn and join the ride?