Audio Spec's


Stage is 24' x 14' at 3'height. A drum riser at center is 8'x8' at 1' height.

Entire stage, audio, lighting new as of August 2011

FOH: (In Stereo)

- 4 NexoPS15R2 (15î & Horn) (flown 2 per side)
- 2 Nexo PS15î Subs (Flown 1 per side center)
- 2 Nexo RS18î RaySubs (under stage 1 per side)
- 1 NexoPS10 (flown stage left side facing VIP Section)

Above powered ñNexo nxamp4x1 (tops & subs), Crest for Nexo ps10 speaker.

- 1 -Yamaha LS9 Console (We do all of our effects & processing for FOH with on board). Gate & Compressor on every channel, 4 individual effect units (can be verb,delay,or a host of other effects per your choice), scene memory (so you can save your soundcheck), 4 1/3 octave eq's (can be set per your discretion).


- We do monitors from FOH -We have 6 discrete mixes, Klark Teknik DN360 EQ over each Powered by Cyberlogic & Crown Amps. Each box is NEXO PS15 (15 & Horn).We can get additional monitor support (ieñmonitor console etc..), Most acts either have their own or use what we have.
- Stands, Micís etcÖ We have 40 mic' cables, 1 ñ8 input stage snake (sub box),1-8 input stage snake (sub box), 30 stands (mostly booms), 32 Input main snake. We are endorsed by Shure Microphones and have all the Shure products.

10 Direct Boxes. Again - We can get more if we need them, this is normal for us.


Lighting Spec's

  8 - Venue LED PAR 64
8 - Venue LED PAR 56
6 - Venue LED PAR 38
2 - Chauvet Q spot
1 - Source 4 (center spot)
1 - Chavet Eclipse (special led/laser)
4 - Chauvet minspot

The entire lighting rig is controlled by Elation Software using our touch screen computer. Each light has rgb color which provides an unlimited number of colors. Lighting plots provided by request.




3rd& Lindsley is Proudly Endorsed by Pearl Drums & Fender Amps

Provided Backline:
Fender Bass Amp
2 -Fender Guitar Amps
Pearl Drum Kit:
22” Kick Drum
Snare Drum
10, 12, 16 –Toms
Snare Stand
High Hat Stand
3 Boom Cymbal Stands
1 Kick Drum Pedal
1 Drum Throne
1 Set Roland Cymbals (high hat, 2 Crash, 1 ride)

If you need other items (such as Piano’s, specialty amps &
Drums etc..) Please Contact Kathy Mac @ 615-242-7300
For prices & details.


Bass Amps

Ampeg SVT 7 Pro Bass Head
Ampeg SVT 610HLF Bass Speaker Cab


If you would like to record your show, 3rd& Lindsley Can Help You !!

16 track live recording-$200
This will include a mixed down CD that you can make copies from.

24 track live recording-$400
This will include a mixed down CD that you can make copies from.

Overdub’s & Fixes-$40 per hour
We have a studio, at our disposal, and you can come in and fix what you don’t like!

Transfer of Tracks:
The tracks belong to you and we only charge for time and media. If you provide
A usbhard drive or DVD –There is no charge. If you need us to provide the
Media, the cost is based on the amount of media required for the transfer
And the time (@ $20 per hour).

We Also do Video !! Call us for Prices !!


Contact information

Ron @ 615-259-9891
For Hospitality, Rider/Contract, Booking, & Load-in Times

Kathy Mac @ 615-242-7300 (Session Services)
615-482-6759 (Mobile)

Any special Audio, Lighting, Technical & Backline, Needed. Also, for any technical questions Not answered here. Please forward stage plots to

We Look Forward To Working With You !!

818 3rd Ave. S, Nashville, TN 37210 phone: 615.259.9891 email: copyright 3rd and Lindsley 2010