Fortunately, for 22 years 3rd and Lindsley Nashville has benefited from some great neighbors at our location, and are able to provide FREE parking to our guests. 
All of the downtown business center parking is free and open at night,  except for the Domestic Violence spaces on the 2nd Ave side which are clearly marked
Alley parking is ok, but please do not block any doors, or entrances. Our neighbors are very good to us, please do not block their in and outs, and please do not litter in the lots.
Street parking is all good , and clearly marked.
The lot directly across from the 3rd and Lindsley corner, is free parking, but please do not block the triple doors on their driveway. There are large and clear signs noting the no parking area.
The top lot GREEN LOT is marked as a metro lot . Metro is our good neighbor and we have permission to use this lot after 5pm , FREE PARKING  .  There are marked spaces and a tow sign. This is for daytime parking  only.    This  lot is FREE PARKING after 5pm

The RED LOT is a private lot that charges for Parking. Unfortunately those who maintain this lot will flag you into their lot as if they are Event Parking for 3rd and Lindsley. As well, they will tell you the top GREEN lot is Metro and you will be towed, only of course to get their pay lot filled.  Simple choice, pay to park in the red lot, or free parking in the green lot.




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